2016 IPF University World Cup, Belarus

A strong team of two from The University of Queensland’s UQ Powerlifting and Weightlifting Club recently returned from the 2016 University Games, in Belarus. Congratulations to Frank and Rex for their great results.

13614959_1053647951356446_952210151008255073_nFrank Zou (65.9kg bw) men’s 66kg category squat 215kg, bench press 137.5kg and deadlift 245kg total 612.5kg – first place.  Frank also placed second in the “Best Lifters of Open” with a Wilks Points of 481.55 (first place scored 483.42). His results (kg) were Squat 200.0, 215.0, x222.5; Bench press 130.0, 137.5, x142.5, Deadlift 225.0, 245.0, 260.0.


13731447_1300354256643732_7247768370339620287_nRex Parsons (104.76kg bw) men’s 105kg category Squat 232.5kg, Bench press 182.5kg and Deadlift 255kg total 670kg. 4th place.  Rex’s results (kg) were Squat 215.0,225.0,232.5; Bench press 175.0, 182.5, x185.0, Deadlift 255.0, x272.5, x275.0.



Team (points)
1. Ohio State University
2. Cambridge University
3. Military University of Technology
4. Okayama University
5. KyotoGakuen University
6. University of Queensland, Brisbane
7. National University Lvivska Politekhnika
8. University of Tampere
9. Belarusian State Academy of Agriculture
10. Aleksandras Stulginskis University
11. Brest State Technical University
12. University of Melbourne
13. Rutgers University
14. Kostanay State Pedagogical Institute
16. Latvian Academy of Sport Education
17. Swinburne University
18. Delft University of Technology
19. Adam Mickiewicz University
20. Technical University of Sofia
21. Siberian State University of Physical Edu
22. Francisk Skorina Gomel State University
23. Silesian University of Technology
24. Newcastle University
25. Teesside University
26. University College London
27. University of Helsinki
28. Czech University of Life Sciences Prague
29. Rijks University Groningen