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President – Theo Lagis Mobile: 0448 128212
Treasurer – Steve How Lum Mobile: 0418 153550


[email protected]

Physical Address

The club is located a short 5 minute walking distance from the bus stop at Chancellor’s Place, University of Queensland in Acacia Park, Carmody Road, St Lucia. Brisbane Queensland 4067, Australia.

Opening and Training Times

Club members typically train 3  times a week. The gym is generally open Monday to Friday from 5:00pm onwards.

How to Join UQPWC

Members can join for either a 6 month or 12 month period.
Before you sign up, you are welcome to make an appointment then come to the gym and take a look around.  To join UQWPC click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can anyone join UQPWC?

A. Yes, membership to UQPWC is open to students from any university and the general public.

Q. Do you have qualified coaches?

A. Yes, our coaches are qualified Powerlifting coaches and/or Level 2 Strength and Conditioning coaches with national and international powerlifting experience which includes extensive experience as competitive powerlifters and team coaches, National Powerlifting Referees and Powerlifting competition event directors.

Q. What equipment do you have in the gym?

A. Our gym has ER squat/bench press racks, Eleiko and Ivanko powerlifting bars, safety bench press, power rack, dumb bells up to 60kg, hyper-extension, calf raise, lat pull down, chains and resistance bands, squat box, plyometric box, and rubber Olympic-sized bumper plates.

Q. Are there any female members?

A. Yes, we have a number of female members, some have been training and competing in national and international powerlifting events for many years.

Q. I am a beginner and haven’t lifted before, can I still join UQPWC?

A. Yes, we have many new beginner-level members who want to get stronger and learn the correct and safe techniques for lifting weights.

Q. Do you do Olympic weightlifting as well as powerlifting?

A. No, we no longer do Olympic weightlifting as the floor of our current premises is not suitable for dropping weights.

Q: Can I come along to a training session to check out the club?

A. Yes, please make an appointment before visiting by calling us or sending an email to [email protected]

Q: Do I have to be lift big weights to join?

A: No, all levels from beginner through to experienced lifters are welcome to join.

Q. Do I need to buy any special equipment to train?

Q. No, as you become more experienced you may wish to consider investing in a pair of weightlifting shoes (for squats), a powerlifting belt or wrist wraos.

Mailing Address

University of Queensland Powerlifting and Weighting Club Inc, PO Box 10900 Adelaide Street Brisbane Qld 4000 Australia


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