Question: How much are the gym fees ?

Answer: 2016 fees are $470 for 12 months or $250 for 6 months

Question: How do I get started?

Answer: Come down and take a look and meet our coaches and members  – have a trial training session on us.

Question: How do I pay for membership?

Answer:  To join UQPWC complete the application online at www.uqpwc.org and then either

(1) Use internet banking to transfer your payment to Commonwealth Bank BSB 06 4158 Account 0091 2024. Enter your name in the description box or

(2) Pay in person at the gym. Once your payment has been verified your online status will be updated to “Member”.

 Question: How many days a week do you train?
Answer:  Usually 3 to 4 times Monday to Friday 5:00pm to 8:00pm and Saturday and Sunday by arrangement.

Question:   Do you have coaches?
Answer:  Yes the club has a number of Australian Strength and Conditioning Association (ASCA) qualified strength and conditioning coaches and qualified powerlifting coaches with extensive experience in coaching lifters for powerlifting competitions.

Question:  Does the club have female members?
Answer:     Yes, we have a number of female members. Some train and compete in national and international competitions.

Question:  Do you supply a training program?
Answer:     Yes

Question:  Who can join the club?
Answer:     The club is open to the general public

Question:  Can I join even if I don’t want to compete in powerlifting competitions?
Answer:      Yes

Question:  Does the club have a Facebook page?
Answer:     Yes, www.facebook.com/uqpwc. Our main web site is located at www.uqpwc.org

Question:  Where can I buy weight belts, suits, knee wraps, wrist wraps, resistance bands and other powerlifting equipment?
Answer:     Most people buy powerlifting equipment on the internet from either Australia or USA as it is not readily available in local sports equipment shops.   Search for sites such as: Titan Support, Inzer, Lifting Large, House of Pain, Dan Baker Strength (Brisbane).